Title: World Atlas

Publisher: DK Multimedia

Curriculum Area: Geography, History, Business Studies and Languages.

The package has a database of information for each country. The database contains information
on People, Climate, Economics, Resources, Politics, Communications, Defence, Aid, World Affairs,
Environment, Health, Education, Wealth, Crime, Media, Tourism and Chronology. Maps, photographs
and videos on each country can also be viewed. It is an excellent package. Information is relevant,
presentation is interesting and navigation is simple.

Overview of Teaching with this Title:
The package assumes no prior knowledge. Information is easy to find and it is suitable for students of
all levels.

The package uses a variety of learning modes - visual and aural. The language and style are
appropriate for all levels. The package has something for everyone. Older students can look up facts
and figures, younger students can view the videos. There is also an online link.

Design and Navigation:
The on screen help is useful. The interface is simple and would only require one session to get use of.
The design is colourful, interesting and imaginative.

Installation and Use:
The product loads in less than one minute. It is simply a case of putting the CD into the CD drive.

Supporting Documentation:
Instructions are clear and relevant.
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