Title: Sammy`s Science House

Publisher: Edmark Iona Software

Age Range: 6-9 Years old

Curriculum Area: Science

Sammy`s Science house is designed to be used as part of the new Science curriculum in education.
However this software title supports other curriculum areas/Strands such as English, Language
Development, Maths- Sorting visual discrimination, I.T. - Developing computer skills. Used as a science
lesson it is very informative dealing with: Weather Animals and their habitats Species
The Seasons Our World Pets Wild Animals. Sammy's Science House can also be used as a
parallel lesson when teaching language in extra language programme. It is extremely visual so will
hold the child's attention. It is also very graphical. The child can click onto a picture on the screen
using the mouse and cause an action. This improves the use of the mouse and develops the child's
hand eye co-ordination.

1. Content is accurate and language is suitable for said age group.
2. Its is void of multiple levels of difficulty and challege. (This should be included, even within the age group of 6-8.
3. One can get into and out of the section quite easily.
4. It responds quickly and enthusiastically to input from the child.
5. The nature of the feedback is informative and appropriate to its section and age group.
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