Title: Oxford Reading Tree

Publisher: Oxford Shestor

Age Range: 5- up

Curriculum Area: English reading

Reinforces and consolidates sight words. It helps children read with meaning. Pupils don't experience failure.

Overview of Teaching with this Title:
This title is most suitable for individual use. Its greatest strength is that the boys love using it they don't just passively listen to the story they enjoy reading. It is particularly suitable to children with special needs as it gives them great confidence in their reading

The content is not culturally, gender or racially biased and the language is appropriate for the target age group and older less able children. Levels of difficulty are minimal. The activities are graded - the T being the most difficult.

Design and Navigation:
It is simple to use. There is a record keeping section that can be printed out.

Installation and Use:
The program is both easily installed and easily accessed by students.