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Clicker 4

Clicker 4 has a unique combination of clicker writer and clicker and clicker grids.

Clicker Writer:- This is Clicker's own talking word processor. It can be used with or without pictures and has powerful options for speech support. You can type directly into clicker writer, or you can enter text and pictures straight from clicker grids.

Clicker Grids:- A clicker grid typically fits into the bottom half or third of the screen. It contains cells which hold letters, words, phrases or pictures. When using a writing grid cells act like keys on the keyboard. You click on a cell to send it's contents to clicker writer. To hear the contents of a cell before you write it - you can click the right-hand mouse button - for the struggling reader, this can help to identify the text. Many ready-made grids are supplied with the programme and hundreds more are available from clicker grids for learning website - . But the real power of clicker lies in the ease with which you can create your own grids - this can be done in just seconds using the new templates feature in clicker 4. You can easily tailor grids to meet the needs of individual students and to fit any curriculum area.

Click here to download sample clicker grids

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