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Wellington Square (Level 5)

Wellington Square has been designed to meet the needs of many pupils from 7 - 11 years and older who are, have been, or are expected to be "Slow to get off the ground in reading."

Level 5

Level 5 consists of six training books, taken from the set 'A' books. These build up a basis vocabulary consisting of the 910 words introduced at levels 1,2,3, and 4 plus 451 new words, delivered via "on screen" text which the learner can listen to and read. Each book has a synopsis to listen to, a large animation within each book and a set of activities designed to both test and reinforce the vocabulary. If the user fails to achieve the correct answer after three attempts the computer and the user will 'get it right together.' Essentially, this means the programme does it for them! The fact that help was needed is logged in the user's record. Certain activities obvisously don't lend themselves to this approach these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

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