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Installing Starspell 2001 on a Network For Windows 95 and 98

The contents of the CD need to be available to users, either by keeping it permanently on a shared CD drive on the server or copying the whole CD into a folder on a network drive.
Starspell should then be installed by clicking on Start/Run then Browse and looking for the copy of setup.exe in the folder you have just created. Starspell writes records as it goes along, so it is important to give every user permission to update files in the database sub-folder of the main Starspell folder. (and the other subfolders if wordlists are to be customised).

Important information is held in the starsp2.ini file, which indicates where user data is held and where to find the "starsp2" folder (the folder holding starsp2.exe) or else in the system folder. It may be necessary to edit by hand the contents of this file to make sure the program finds the CD copy and the current word-list database.

A shortcut on each workstation should then be sufficient to access Starspell 2001.

To install on Workstations after installing on the server.

  • Click on Start.
  • Click on Run.
  • Type in Starsp2.ini
  • Star 2 - notepad
    In notepad type:-
    CD dir = \\name on server\spell\PC Data
    Defaultdir = \\name on server\spell
    Dbcurrent = \\name on server\spell\database\starsp-mbd
  • Save the changes.
    You have to go to each workstation to do this.

Adding New Words and Sentences

If there is no sound card on your server you have to make one of your workstations a server so that each machine can be shared out and can be seen by this workstation.

Adding Words and Sentences

  • Click on management
  • Click on Inspect/Edit word lists
  • To Edit Heading - Click on heading - Click on add button then write in the name of the new list and click on OK.
  • To Edit Group - Click on add a new group - Click on add buttons then write in the name of the new list and click OK.
  • To Edit List Names - Click on add a new list - Click on add and type in the name of the new list and click on OK.
  • To Edit Words - Click on Edit Words and type in words - 16 words allowed in each list.
  • Word Details - To record sound in word details - click on record - click on microphone and say the word - click on microphone again. Do the same for each word.
  • Sentences - same as above.
  • Click on Done.

You then have to go to each workstation to adjust for sound. To do this:-

  • Double click on Starspell.
  • Click on management.
  • Click on Inspect/Edit Word list.
  • Click on heading, group, list you want to record sound on.
  • Click on word details.
  • Click on word you want and then click on find voice.
  • Click on network.
  • Click on drive.
  • Click on path.
  • Click on OK.
  • Click on User say folder.
  • Find word and click.
  • Click on OK.
  • Click on ear to hear.
  • Use the same steps for sentences except go to user tell instead of user say.
  • Click on done.
    This has to be done on each workstation so it is very time consuming.

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