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Things To Do With A Digital Camera & or Scanner

Click to download a zipped file with the ideas below on how to use a digital camera or scanner.

· Use photos in reports, newsletters, memos, assignments, certificates and calendars
·Take photo of each child in confirmation class and place onto a certificate with the child's saint and the life story of the saint. Laminate each certificate as a keepsake for the children and their families. (Gealscoil Osraí)
Create STUDENT OF THE MONTH bulletin boards
· Attach photo with name to student desks so baby infants can learn where to sit and their Classmates names
· Photos of children can be used to aid them to write their journal
· Use photos to illustrate poems, stories, or sentences students write.
· Use photos for brochures for career day presentations
· Use photos for an "all about me" Hyperstudio/Powerpoint Presentation or to make a mini poster
· Use photos for posters or flyers for activities like Student Council, field trips, or sporting events
· Take a digital scavenger hunt. Take pictures outside or on a field trip.
· Use photos to make a pictorial map of our community
· Make a mock newspaper about something you are learning about, maybe The Dinosaur Times or Pioneer Gazette
· Teachers can use digital cameras with students to do autobiographies as an introductory desktop publishing project. Scanners are useful here to as existing images can be used and students can bring pictures from home
· Art teachers or mini company groups can create a calendar-and maybe use them as a fund raising event
· Christmas tree ornaments --- pictures of students can be put on small ornaments.
· Take pictures of products in school shop or around the school for foreign language development.
· Students can use photos for front cover designs to their reports.
· Study the ecosystem. For example, in the autumn, students take pictures to reflect different themes (colour in nature, changing seasons, etc), then create an electronic photo album to keep them. Print out four favourite pictures and do a writing assignment in the classroom for the teacher. In December have students return to the sites of their season pictures and add to the album and then have them write about the differences and similarities between them. At the end of the year, create a multi-media project (using Hyperstudio, Powerpoint or Kidpics) highlighting favourite entries.
· Special education kids can create a book of their school including pictures of all the classes, teachers, and important people
· Prepare a "Meet the Teachers" handbook with pictures of all the teachers in the building and what they teach to give to new students.
· 6th class can produce a timeline of memory keepsakes from primary school
· Junior teachers can use a digital camera to create an ABC book. Working in groups, students are assigned a letter of the alphabet. They must find items beginning with a certain letters. They complete the phrase ….. is for …. For each phrase that they were given.
· Have students create passports during a travel/culture unit in foreign language
· Take pictures of the student's eyes only. Have children try to match up their classmates by only their eyes. It demonstrates how distinctive and unique we really are. Oral discussion can then follow.
· Photograph examples of superior student projects to give other students ideas

· Take pictures of students (waist or shoulders up), then paste the pictures onto Adobe Photoshop or another image editor. The students can then draw their Halloween costume around their own real image. This can then be put into a classroom slide show where students orally describe what they were going to be. The teacher can have the students pre-write their narration as well as pre-draw themselves in their costumes (on paper) so they can visualize ahead of time.
· Have students take pictures of field trips they go on and then come back and illustrate and narrate their field trips by incorporating these images (both camera and their own art work) into slide shows
· Use photos for instruction in PowerPoint, Hyperstudio, web pages. Students can research more about leaves, rocks, or something from "our garden" to add information.

· Take pictures of all your students and then print them out in black and white! These then can be used for students to model several art projects - one of which could be to draw a mirror image of themselves based on that picture by folding printout in half and trying to draw the other half. Another project could be to use various art mediums and techniques to draw their self-portraits using the printout as a model
· First or second class can have their pictures taken and put into a document and include a hand drawn picture (scanned in) and completed with a simple typed sentence or two describing themselves.
· Email photos to penpals (remember to reduce the file size prior to sending them.)
· Have students write positive comments about classmates, attach these comments to the digital photo and post around the room, or give back to the students.
· Use a photo as a prompt for narrative, creative or descriptive writing
· Demonstrate vocabulary, emotions, compare/contrast.
· Document growth of classroom plant or pet.

Visit web sites of camera and scanner manufacturers.


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