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The National First Font and National First Font Dotted

Click here to download two fonts and the instructions (readmefirst file) on how to install them onto your PC. The fonts need to be installed into the Fonts folder in the Control Panel first.

Once the fonts are installed go to MS Word and the two fonts will be listed in the font list. The national first font dotted is ideal for making worksheets for juniors the letters that you type will be ideal for juniors to trace over to learn how to make the shapes of the letters.

Using MS Word for Shapes

Ensure that your Drawing toolbar is available on the bottom of the screen i.e. go to View - Toolbar - make sure Drawing is checked. Using the autoshapes on the base of the MS Word window you can draw triangle of varying shapes and sizes, circles, squares, rectangles and happy faces. These shapes could be used to make worksheets on shapes. The line thickness of the shapes can be changed also and you could apply a dotted line for the children to trace the shape. Also you could make out counting worksheets with rows of little 10 triangles, 10 squares etc. and ask the child to colour in just 3/4/7 of them. This is very easy to do once you get the first one the right size just copy and continue pasting.
Tip: If you want to draw a perfect circle/square just hold the shift key as you are drawing the shape otherwise you may draw an oval/rectangle.

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