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Free Software

Go to the site and go to the downloads section. There are s/w titles there that can be bought or downloaded for free.

Wordsearchfactory is a free program that allows you to input your own word lists and it places them horizontally, vertically and diagonally in a word search the size of your choice - you can click on the answer icon and you can see what way the words are in the search and if you are not happy you can ask the computer to rescramble them. You can printout the worksheet and the answer sheet. The headers and footers of these sheets can be customised.

The other free title at this site is Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite. This package will create addition, subtraction, multiplication and division worksheets on numbers up to 100. The number of questions on the sheet are at your discretion and if you don't like the sums that it provides you can ask it to recreate the sheet or you can double click on a number in the question and change it. (You can focus on just a particular times tables or have a complete mixture.) Again you can printout the worksheet and the answer sheet. (One teacher asked could you get it to printout the answers and not one of the numbers in the question. The answer is no. However you could copy the answer sheet and then tipex out one of the numbers in the question to have the same effect.) The other feature of this package is that you can printout a 10/12 times multiplication grid, by double clicking on any of the numbers in the grid they disappear and so the child have to fill in the blank boxes. (This maths package is the lite version and there is a deluxe version I have not looked at it it may do percentages etc.)


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