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Classroom Managment Techniques

If only one PC in the room.

  • Divide class into pairs. Show the first pair how to do a task related to a project that they are doing/how to use a software package. As they are using it, have a second pair watching them. Then the second pair use the package and a third pair are watching, etc. etc.

  • Within the pairs have a balance between weak and strong students at IT.

  • If students are working on group projects keep the groups the same for their computer work.

  • Students in some schools are assigned time to the computer in their room during break times so as not to have distruptions during class time.

  • Assign the rota to a weak student so that they have responsibility, this can help to enhance their self esteem.

  • If using a data projector in the classroom assign the responsibility of this to a number of weaker students over the year.

  • Assign the collection of emails to rotating groups/individual students throughout the year.


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