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SIP for Guidance. Breda F. Donohoe. Presentation Secondary School Kilkenny.

I have three groups of Transition Years, each with one period weekly. I take class with each of the groups in one of the computer rooms. Transition years are a mixed ability group.

My Programme consists of the following:

1. Oral introduction on the elements involved in making a mature vocational decision with reference to the work-experience that students will undertake whilst in Transition Year.

2. Students do many of the tests in the DATS following which they present a short report done with Microsoft Word on the implications of the results for their career choice.

3. Students do a values survey from "Career Choices", by Bingham, M. & Stryker, S. Academic Innovations. Santa Barbara. 1990. They then do a short report on the implications of same for their career choice, again on Microsoft Word.

4. Students take the computer-based career's test; "Career Directions". This is a worthwhile test and students take to it with interest. They follow this up with research on college courses from "Qualifox".

5. Past pupils have been contacted and asked to forward their hot-mail addresses from various colleges. The objective of this exercise is that present students can write to them via the Internet and ask questions about course content, accommodation and on life in college in general. These hot-mail addresses are available to Transition Years who are encouraged as part of their research into careers to access these hot-mail addresses. The advantage of this is that students from Kilkenny and from our school in particular will identify with other students that have gone before them. This compliments information that can be got in college web sites and in college manuals.

6. When they are satisfied with their research, they will be expected to come up with a career on which they will focus. They will then present a project summing up their research. This can take the form of a Microsoft Word Document or a PowerPoint Presentation.


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