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Transition Year English

This year some attempts were more adventurous than others! Some of the examples have emphasis on learning I.T. and others more so related to English.

The first is a simple one. After reading a short story the girls were set the task to write a newspaper article about the event of the story, In this they had to apply their English ability in that they had to take a narrative piece and use it to create a piece of journalism, practising the differeniation betweenforms of creative writing. The I.T. skills needed were some word processing - textboxes, columns, basic formatting.



Another lesson involved the students choosing their favourite poem and then finding another poem by the same poet on the Internet. This mainly involved I.T. skills as in the end the printer was not networked and it was hard to study individual pieces from the screen. The time factor also meant that we couldn't give more than 2 classes to the entire activity. I think that if we had more time, the printer networked that within 5-6 classes the girls could have studied in more depth, paraphrasing, comparing and contrasting each of the poems.

Similarly with a different group who were 'reluctant' to study poetry I showed them how to search the Internet for song words, which were paraphrased and explained. There were specific limitations i.e. no songs that featured only one-line repeated constantly!! The lyrics had to have 'depth' and surprisingly most of the lyrics chosen were interesting and inspired a heated discussion on the validity of lyrics as an accepted form of poetry.

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