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My initial class was intended as an introduction to the whole idea of working with the computer and server in English and to give the girls an idea of what to do. To do this I had an example of a piece of writing with a caption and a description of the picture itself, just differentiating between styles of writing at a basic level. Both are given below:

Caption: It's a pig's life

Description: This picture is of a pig run containing about 10 pigs of different colours. There are 4 pigs in the foreground; 2 of them are facing the camera. The pigs are small - possibly young piglets. Their colourings are black, chestnut brown and pink - some of the piglets are piebald. It is daytime and bright enough to be sunny.

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After showing this example I told the girls to get the next picture from the server.

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I got my pictures from calendars and newspapers and scanned them in but you can get others from the web as well. National Geograpic have some good photos on their site photography. I had hoped that the girls would be able to print their results to the main printer but it did happen because of technical difficulties.

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