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Moving on from these simpler ideas and images I began to introduce more detailed pictures or ones that I had hoped would lead to creativity. In some instances I was rewarded, in others - not so. I think the latter associated the computer as a form of entertainment and not possibly for use at an educational level. Again I was trying to emphasise the different types of writing so that the girls had to write a newspaper article or tell a story/narrative, write a speech . .

The technical difficulties, lack of computer ability and the unavoidable outside interruption didn't help my hopes and aspirations. In all I would say that we used the I.T. room for about 6 classes for this activity.

These are some of the examples I used

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The next time I try this I will try to get the girls more focused on the task in hand - perhaps starting off with the time honoured 'Write a two page essay on __________, reminding them of the format and style, the need for structure, descriptive adjectives . . . . .. Then show them images of the topic in the hope that they see how the images can be used to inspire.

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