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I am at present teaching Irish to Transition Year students and decided some time ago that I wanted to integrate information technology into the subject area. The students that I teach in Transition Year are somewhat mixed in ability, though leaning towards higher level in their grades. I chose two projects that incorporate the use of computers into the teaching of the Irish language. The first project that I will talk about could be used with students of any ability and topics should be chosen carefully to suit the capabilities of the students involved. The second project is aimed more towards higher-level students, although again it could be approached in an easier way to accommodate students who find it difficult.


PROJECT 1. Click here to download presentation

The presentation of a chosen topic using the PowerPoint application.

AIM: To encourage the students to use their computer skills to improve their oral, aural and written abilities in the Irish language.

1. I began by explaining to the students what was involved in this project. We did a brainstorming exercise on the blackboard to get an overview of the task. I allowed time for a question and answer session whereby the students could further familiarize themselves with the work involved in the project.
2. The next class involved the choosing of topics. I gave the students suggestions for what they might choose. I then broke the class up into small groups to allow them to share some ideas on what they were going to do.
3. The students were then given time to prepare their chosen topics. For some this meant a small amount of preparation. Others, who chose a more difficult topic had to do more research. Subjects chosen included Mo Cheantar, Saol na Scoile, Ceol, Faisean, Déagoirí and Mo Chaitheamh Aimsire. (These topics could be more difficult and detailed depending on the students involved!)


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