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  4. In the computer room I showed the students a sample presentation, which I had created myself. I did this using the overhead projector. This was an important step in the preparatory stage as the students were able to see what was expected of them.

5. Transition year students in our school have good computer skills as they are at present working towards getting the ECDL certificate (European Computers Driving License). Nonetheless I took them through the PowerPoint application. We spent some time making up sample slides as well as putting together and formatting a slide show. I made out and photocopied some notes to help the students familiarize themselves further with the programme.

6. I gave the students a list of the most useful computer terminology translated into Irish. They spent some time learning these terms and we were then able to use them as we worked on the computers.

7. When I was satisfied that the students had a good knowledge both of the PowerPoint application and of the topics they had chosen, we set about our task. At this stage a considerable number of class periods were spent in the computer room. The students worked individually on the computers preparing their slide shows. I spent class time moving around to see that everything was o.k. and helping students who were having difficulties

8. When the students had completed the task, we set about presenting their work. Using the overhead projector and screen, each student stood before the class and displayed their presentation. As the slide show ran the student talked through her presentation in Irish. When the presentation was finished, members of the class were given a handout or question sheet based on the topic they had just seen.


1. A number of classes were held in a classroom outside of the computer room while we prepared for the project.

2. The students were only allowed sit in front of the computers when they were very familiar with the PowerPoint Programme and when they had done enough preparation of their chosen topic.

3. While the students worked individually on the computers, I spent my time working on a one-to one basis with those who were having difficulties.

4. While each student was giving her presentation, the other class members sat at their desks (Not in front of computer screens!)



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