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· Lots of preparatory work is required for this project. Don't rush to sit in front of the computer screens too quickly!
· Make sure the students vary the topics they choose. They may want to choose topics their friends have chosen. This may make for boring and repetitive presentations.
· It's important that the students are very familiar with the PowerPoint Application before starting. Otherwise time that should be spent on the content of the topic will be spent on grappling with the functions of the computer.
· Make sure that you are familiar with PowerPoint yourself and that you can cope with any technical difficulties that may arise in the computer room. If this is not the case, at least ensure that help is near at hand.
· Make sure the students move quickly through the making of the slides. They may get too caught up in pictures, colours and design rather than concentrating on the content of the chosen topic.
· Be prepared for students who are reluctant to stand in front of the class when presenting their projects. It can be a very daunting task for some! You might prepare some questions to ask them in order to encourage them to speak.


· 1000 Téarma Ríomhaireachta (Fiontar)
· Microsoft PowerPoint Application
· To see a sample presentation, click here!!!

Ar Lean


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