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· Although Information Technology is central to this project, you don't need a computer room in order to work through the topic.
· The material that is e-mailed or available on the website can be downloaded to a folder on the hard drive. This is far less expensive than working through the information on line and it also means that it can be used again at a later stage, maybe for another class group.
· The material is very up to date as it is based on the news from the previous evening. Much of the information would not be available in a textbook
· The phrases and vocabulary used are modern and up to date.
· A written account of what is actually said on the news piece is provided. This is very helpful for the teacher and may also be given to the students to help them do the exercises and answer the questions (In this way, it could be used as a reading comprehension!)
· Answers are provided for teachers. This is also very helpful as it means there is less preparatory work for the teacher to do.
· Both the topics selected and the exercises based on them are varied and interesting.
· The video clip makes it more interesting than simply reading from a text!
· The teacher may choose to make up his/her own exercises or questions based on the material provided.


(a) There are 2 news pieces with accompanying exercises and questions, available each week. One is Medium Level and the other is Higher Level. When I registered for this programme, I was asked to choose which level I wanted. Yet I have been sent both levels each week!
(b) The Higher Level is quite difficult. I have been using the Medium Level with Transition Year students and some of them still find it hard. (You may want to make out your own easier exercises and questions to suit the abilities of the students with whom you are working).
(c) While there might be a temptation not to bother taping the news clip the day before, it really is worth doing it! The students are more interested and enthusiastic when there's more involved than simply reading a piece of text and answering questions. Also, the video clip can be replayed for the class a number of times if necessary. (d) Tell the students what the topic is about before playing the video clip. You might ask them some questions or share some ideas about the topic by way of preparation.


· Anna Ní Ghallachair (Stiúrthóir Ionad na dTeangacha), Ionad na dTeangacha, Ollscoil na hÉireann Maigh Nuad, Maigh Nuad, Co. Chill Dara. Guthán: (01) 7083682
· Click here to see a sample text and exercises



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