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Generally, there is a greater range of services available in urban areas.

Training needed, not treatment.

Health Boards run most hostels, group homes, day care etc.

  • Services
  • Clinics. For assessment. Psychologists, doctors, social workers available to assess and advise.
  • Home visits by professional staff. E.g. speech therapist. Public health nurse. Also, regular appointments are made at the clinic to check child's progress. Self help groups. Both for parents and children. Support from others who share your experiences. Meet and share.
  • Courses on language development, etc. often daylong seminars are arranged.
  • Special national schools…or special class at national school. Smaller class group. Speech therapist provided and physiotherapy. Free transport provided.
  • Care units. These are for more severely handicapped. Basic skills are taught. Eating, toilet training etc.


  • Homes.
  • Live at home; go to day care 9-4.
  • Hostels; allows for more independent living. Supervised.
  • Flats. If very independent, but would need to share with a friend.
  • Residential Units; still large number of mentally handicapped people in psychiatric hospitals. Often because there is no other local service.
  • Emergency accommodation. If parent is sick etc.
  • Summer camps. Where clubs and discos are arranged. Nowadays, these are a less popular option. Not so inclined to segregate them.


  • Work.
  • Attend a training centre, which is an AnCo type course. Here they learn basic work skills. E.g. carpentry. Also, social skills. E.g. answering the telephone, handling wages, how to relate to others. This is usually a two-year course.

After their training, they have three choices.

  • Ordinary job. Manual or semi-skilled. Warehouse work, loading. Bakery, welding…
  • Local workshop. This is like a long term training centre. Contracts are sought for work such as packaging, printing. work such as pottery, weaving, gardening. Wages are low.
  • Care units or activation units. Develops living skills . continues the work of the care unit. For severely handicapped. They are given the experiences of shopping, travelling, dealing with traffic etc.

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