Why Technology in our Primary Schools ?

The Ennis primary schools realise that they are very privileged in having such well equipped schools. We wish to utilise the equipment to the benefit of our students but we also feel it important to articulate why we are integrating ICT's into our primary education system.

Educational Rationale:

  • Access to new technologies can improve the instructional processes and learning outcomes.
  • Students and teachers can communicate and collaborate with other schools both at home and abroad. Pupils will develop the perspective to live in and work in what is fast becoming a global village.
  • Our pupils are developing competencies in accessing, analysing and applying information. They are learning habits of independent learning. These I.T.C based strategies will help our students think creatively, a skill that will be highly prized in the new information society.
  • New technologies can help to support new teaching and training methods. Skills acquired using new technologies will equip our students to become lifelong learners.

    Vocational Rationale:
  • In providing equitable access to new technologies our students are preparing to take their place in the world of work in the new technological society.

    Social Rationale:
  • Our students are being prepared to play a full role in society where our institutions, both local and national are using new technologies.
  • We are ensuring that we do not become swamped by outside influences by promoting our own culture and language through the new technologies.

    Economic Rationale: In integrating ICT's into our primary education system we consider that we are forming the building blocks for future competitiveness and economic growth within our society and within Europe as a whole.
    Ennis Information Age Town
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