Ennis School Children were asked what it was like learning with computers and what they liked about the computers in their schools.
Here are some of their comments.

  • When the teacher lets us pick for ourselves we can learn very well and the computer has lots of stuff to pick from.
  • You can work without distraction on the computer.
  • There's more to pick from than in a book.
  • No more blotchy copies,
  • The games make learning fun and you don't feel like you are doing work
  • Because there's pictures and videos you can understand more easily
  • You can pick things that are harder or easier and no one says you're stupid
  • Computers have more information than teachers
  • You can learn about the whole world from the Internet
  • If you e-mail your friends its cheaper than the phone so your mum lets you
  • You can go shopping on the internet
  • You can make really good pictures from a computer
  • You'd be real proud of your writing..it looks like a book
  • Its easier to do problems when there's pictures of it.
  • My mum lets me use the computer lots cause she says its good for my education.
  • computers give you lots of information
  • you don't get bored so easily
  • we can learn about things we are interested in
  • you can send letters to anywhere in the world
  • gives you more knowledge than a book
  • easy to use once you get the hang of it
  • you can look up almost anything on the Internet
  • you can play games on it
  • lots of interesting pictures on the Internet - you can see places that you haven't been to
  • typing is better than writing
  • always something to do with a computer
  • you can make posters, cards, banners etc.
  • you can scan pictures
  • You can look up your favourite football team on the Internet
  • You can download games instead of buying them
  • you can look up RTE and get the news
  • you can listen to music and download it
  • you can save games and come back to them later
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