• Title: 100 Emails from around the World

    Subject Area: Geography, Creative Writing

    Specific Topic: Our Town and Our School

  • Students would develop geography, communication and language arts skills as well as an awareness of the global outreach of the Internet

    Age range:
  • All classes. In 1999- 2000 700 kindergarten through to 2nd level schools world wide exchanged Emails

  • Display in classroom/School on a large map of the world pinpointing the cities and towns from which Emails are received
  • Printed Emails in hard copy form.
  • Results displayed on the School Website.

    Requirements to do the project.
  • Internet Access
  • Email Programme


    Preparation in the classroom
    Pupils prepare in their classroom a message of no more than 200 words to include:

  • Directions for locating the town
  • Name of school and classroom
  • Ages of the students
  • Unique trivia about the school or community.

  • Distribution of the list of schools from the project Manager
  • Sending Emails to selected schools
  • Retrieving Emails
  • Finding out about the schools whcih send Emails
  • Looking up the Emails of these Schools.

  • Work is done both in the classroom and in the Computer Lab.
  • Listing of Emails received
  • Recording of information in Microsoft Word
  • Town or city is located using the Internet address
  • Country is located using the Map in Microsoft Excel
  • Distance to town/city is recorded from the distance site
  • Flag of country is recorded on the site http://www.buddyproject.org/less/collab/mail/quiz/default.htm
  • Results are presented on the Website. There is a time frame in operation for the project

  • Relevant to the Geography curriculum for the senior classes.
  • Pupis improved their knowlege of geography of the world.
  • Pupils improved their perception and understanding of distance.
  • Pupils improved their knowledge about cultural difference.
  • Pupils improved their co-operative skills through group work.

    Teacher observations

  • Need to select a Group to collate all emails.
  • Need to tick Emails to which replies have been sent
  • Next Project Date March 1 2001 - April 30th 2001
  • Register at http://www.buddyproject.org Marianne McGough, Ennis CBS E

C.B.S. Ennis
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