• Title: Book Reviews

    Subject Area: English and ICT.

    Specific Topics: Reviewing books read in the classroom as part of the Paired Reading Programme

  • to develop reading skills
  • to develop the skills of summarising, drafting, editing and redrafting.

    Curriculum Relevance: Meets the curriculum objectives in English.

    The Book Reviews are displayed in the Computer Lab and in booklet form.

    Use of Technology:
  • The children used Creative Writer 2 to produce their reviews.

    Classroom Management:
    The reading and summarising, drafting and editing were done in the classroom over a period of three weeks. When the children were satisfied with their work, they used Creative Writer on the computers in the Computer Lab to produce their reviews.

  • curriculum objectives in English were met.
  • the children gained a great sense of achievement at the finished product.
  • further reading was encouraged.
    Scoil Chríost Rí, Ennis.
    SIP 058
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