Title: Brú na Bóinne Subject

Area: History Specific

: A study of the Boyne Valley and associated passage tombs in Co. Meath


  • That the children would research information from the Internet and the Library about the Boyne Valley.
  • That they would be actively involved in this memorable learning experience and hence broaden their knowledge of the subject.
  • That they would appreciate the legacy of the Passage Graves and the Boyne VaIley.
  • That they would make a PowerPoint Presentation based on their findings that could be used by other pupils in the school.
  • That their active involvement as designers and authors of the project would enthuse their curiosity for knowledge and learning in the future.

    Age Range
    : Fifth/Sixth Class 10-12 year olds

    Display: The project will be displayed in Hard Copy in the classroom and as a PowerPoint Presentation on a CD ROM for other children to use and learn from.

    Prerequisite learning

  • Ability to research books and the Internet for relevant information.
  • A basic ability to summarise text and select appropriate graphics.

    Prerequisite Resources
  • I PC Internet access
  • Library access


    Class Organisation
  • There are only four pupils in this class for deaf children so the group worked as a team.
  • Research In pairs using books and appropriate web sites.
  • Use of yahoo.com to search.
  • 4 suitable sites were found and these were used as their Internet knowledge source.
  • Photos and other graphics were also downloaded from these sites.

    Division of Tasks
  • Child with a particular flair for display and design searched for graphics to suit the presentation.
  • Children drew their own pictures and designs, which they learned how to scan into the presentation.
  • The teacher acted as a facilitator and advisor.

  • All pupils played an equal part in making the Presentation.
  • None had used PowerPoint before but with the help of the class teacher and ICT Teacher they quickly learned.

    Time Line
    The project took 2 months to complete and was finished in mid March 1999.

  • Because the children researched the project themselves they were actively learning during this period.
  • Editing and summarising content ensured that reading and writing was meaningful.
  • Diligent editors were essential.
  • Attention to good presentation and bright effective design.
  • The children enjoyed working on the presentation.
  • Increased self-esteem as others enjoyed the presentation.
  • They would have liked to visit the Boyne Valley as its splendour was unveiled to them. Unfortunately a trip to Co. Meath was not possible. It really could have consolidated the learning experience.

Holy Family Junior School, Hearing Impaired Unit
SIP 058

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