• Title: Electronic School Notice Board

    Subject Area
    : English, ICT, and Art.

    Specific Topics: Researching, recording, drafting, editing and redrafting.

  • to produce a notice board to display school information.
  • to enhance curriculum objectives in English, Art and ICT
  • to learn how to produce a PowerPoint presentation.

    Curriculum Relevance: Meets the curriculum objectives in English, Art and ICT.

    Display: The project is displayed in the entrance lobby of the school, using a PC and a television.

    Use of Technology:
  • use of digital camera and scanner to incorporate images into presentation.
  • use of PowerPoint.

    Classroom Management:
    The class is divided into groups of 4. Within each group, 2 act as reporters and 2 act as recorders. At the start of each week, the reporters gather the material and the recorders put it into a PowerPoint display. Each group have responsibility for turning on and off the display each day.

  • children enhance their skills in researching, recording and ordering information.
  • inter-personal skills are developed as the children interact with peers and teachers.
  • curriculum objectives in English, ICT and Art are met.
  • children gain a sense of achievement and enhance their self-esteem.
Scoil Chríost Rí, Ennis.
SIP 058
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