Title: Children's Folkgames 2000


Subject Area: Childrens Folkgames

Specific Topic: Arts, Language and Social Studies


  • Children will learn interviewing skills and techniques.
  • Children will learn to respect and recognise the contribution of older people.
  • Children will record the everyday games that they play.
  • Children will research and record the games played by parents and older relations and neighbours.
  • Art and photography - Children will create new images and ideas by combining the experience acquired in their games.
  • Children will learn about social change - old games V's modern games.
  • Children will learn the differences between urban / rural games.
  • Children will anticipate the type of games in the future.

    Age group:
    8 years and up

    Prerequisite resources
  • Library
  • Old school magazines; Old additions "Irelands Own" etc.
  • Interviews with older relations and neighbours

    Use of Technology

  • Editing a universal anthology with children's folk games, artworks and photographs.
  • Tape recorder - to carry out interviews.
  • A recorded tape of the edited work.
  • A web site - to display finished work.

    Management - How will the project happen
  • Preparation in the classroom - students write out games as played by themselves
  • Students collect the games played by parents and Grandparents
  • Students work in the classroom and computer lab,
  • Time Scale - October 98 April 99

  • Hard Copy
  • Web Site

  • Pupils used their language skills to interview people in the locality.
  • Pupils had opportunity to discuss the games and note similarities and differences.
  • Different games were noted & discussed from different parts of the country.
  • Pupils learnt about Ireland long ago & contrasted it with our present experience.
  • Skills of editing were used to write up the games
    A valuable collection of the counting out rhymes, tongue twisters and games as played by a the Third Class of 1999/2000 is available.
    Tape not yet recorded.
    The Children's Folkgames site was not updated since the very beginning and none of the new games are on the site.
C.B.S. Ennis
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