Title Signs and Symbols in the Environment
Subject Area Communications Project
Specific Topic Road Traffic Signs
Age Range 16 years +
Description Word and Powerpoint have been used by teachers and students to develop literacy resources. Photos from a digital camera and scanned images were used to present evidence of the use of signs in our local environment.
Expected Learning Outcomes Students will develop an awareness of the prevalence of signs as a communications tool in their daily lives. Students will learn to interpret common signs Students will develop an appreciation of the use of symbols, colour and shape to convey messages Students will explore the potential of a variety of communications tools for their own use as an alternative to written communication
Relevance to Curriculum

NCVA Foundation Level Communications GF0001
SLO 2.1 Interpret Common Signs and Symbols
SLO 4.2 Respond appropriately to everyday Visual and Written Materials
SLO 6.2 Interpret and Evaluate Visual Images

Display The student multi-choice forms are accessed by students on the classroom PC. The digital camera is used by pairs of students on trips outside the school. Pictures are then used during Lab Time as the basis for presentations



Multi-Choice Forms
Teachers need to have experience of using MSWord forms, templates and the saving of data in forms. Students need to be taught how to save their data. Students and teachers need to be familiar with multimedia software.
Teachers and students need to be able to use the digital camera. Teachers need to be able to upload photos. Presentation
Students and teachers need to be able to use multimedia software

Students need access to The Rules of The Road and posters of Traffic Signs

The Department of the Environment and the National Roads Authority have informative sites about Traffic and Roads in Ireland, if teachers require background about roads and traffic in Ireland.

Department of the Environment

National Roads Authority Others http://indigo.ie/~pasright/page5.htm

Driving School Site detailing some road signs http://www.iol.ie/~jaryan/questions.html
Driving School Site with some pre-prepared questions

Management The forms are a prepared resource suitable for individuals to use in the classroom. They need to be saved correctly if progress is to be tracked effectively. The multimedia presentation is a task suited to group work in the PC Lab. The project will come to a natural end with the completion of multimedia presentations. Students can either devise their own complete presentation or contribute a slide each to a class presentation
- Halfway stage
Students are enjoying the project and are learning about the significance of the colours in road signs. They are looking more closely at signs which they do not know and attempting to interpret their possible meaning. Students are learning to use Powerpoint and present their work visually, the use of this program has been very popular and their approach to it is very positive. The saving of data in forms has been challenging and occasionally a form has been changed in the save. A backup copy is essential.
St. Anne's School
SIP 058

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