Title: School Yard Birds

    Subject Area: Nature

    Specific Topic: Identification, observation and recording of school yard birds.

    Age Range: First Class 6-7 years

  • To develop awareness in children of the everyday birds that are in their school yard.
  • That the children will recognise and name these birds.
  • That the children develop a respect for nature and the environment that they live in.
  • That children are introduced to the processes involved in writing a book (drafting, editing, rewriting etc.)

    Curriculum Relevance
  • The birds can be seen from the classroom windows so this is a perfect learning opportunity for these children.
  • In First Class children have reached a stage where they strive for independence in reading and writing. Authoring their own book allows them this freedom.

  • The finished product will be in A4 book form and each child will have a book of his/her own.
  • A poster explaining the processes involved in the project will be displayed in the classroom.
  • The web site will display highlights of the project.

    Use of Technology in the Display
  • Use of Microsoft Word to present their work.
  • Each child will add photos and clipart, as he/she deems appropriate.
  • Colour, borders etc. will be chosen by each child so that each book becomes individualised.

    Requirements Prerequisite Learning
  • Basic Reading and writing skills
  • Basic word processing skills.

    Prerequisite Resources
  • textbooks about birds, library books
  • computers with Microsoft Word software

    Management of the project
  • As part of their nature syllabus the teacher and children identified, observed and recorded in picture and story four birds. This happened over a four week period.
  • Children and teacher chose appropriate clipart and photos of the birds for use in their book.
  • Children worked in pairs typing, editing, and designing their books. Each child produced a book by taking turns with his/her partner and repeating the process.

    The project lasted 6 weeks and was finished in mid June 2000.

    Support needed
  • The ICT Teacher helped the class teacher in becoming familiar with Microsoft Word.
  • The class teacher and more able pupils helped the other students with difficulties that arose.
  • A Parent in the class had vast knowledge of birds, with a special interest in Pigeons. His expertise was invaluable.

    Evaluation Evidence of Learning:
  • The children could recognise the four birds and describe simple details of their lifestyle.
  • Each child participated in the processes involved in making a book.

  • The project was time consuming but the teacher felt that it was important that each child had his/her own finished product.

    Teacher Observations:
  • A lot of time was spent training the children to use Microsoft Word.
  • The teacher felt that if the children had learned these skills earlier in the school year, other projects and activities could be displayed in a similar way.
Holy Family Junior School
SIP 058

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