TITLE Global English/Literacy hour
PUBLISHER Systems Integrated research (SIR)
SUBJECT AREA Literacy skills
SYSTEM REQUIRED Windows'95/'98 : Acorn OS 3.1 or later
PRICE 95 sterling
AGE RANGE aged 5-12 years
EXPERIENCES OF TEACHING USING THIS SOFTWARE Students work on 4 key areas in this software - Words, Spelling, Sentences, Rhymes. The programme is easy to run and easy to use. Students always seem to enjoy working on it. As each pupil logs on, an individual profile is automatically created which records progress. Students can check their own progress on this as they go along. There is a large range of excellent worksheets on the CD which can be printed out. I have used this programme with both slow learners, and students with specific learning difficulties, and found it useful for both.
COMMENTS A useful programme giving experience in reading and spelling skills which is easy to use.
Ennis National School