Instructions to Help Evaluators


  • You are writing this evaluation to help our colleagues to make an informed choice as to whether this software is a useful package in supporting the Irish Revised Curriculum goals.
  • Colleagues need to know what content is in the package and how much of it meets the needs of the various class groupings within the Irish context.
  • Your evaluation should read like a piece of prose that colleagues can easily read and obtain an insight into the content and appropriateness of the package for their own class use.
  • You do not need to answer every question, only those that are relevant to the piece of software that you are using.



    Age Range :

    Subject Area :

    System Required:



    Prerequisite Skills - I.T. Skills and Educational skills:

    Manual / Instructions:

    Other materials provided:

    Design and Navigation -
  • Was the software easy to navigate ?
  • Could the children use the software with ease?

    Overview -Describe the package briefly in terms of content and suitability for the age range it targets.

    Features :
  • Does the programme support the child's responses effectively? (Well done! Try again) How was progress recorded?
  • Individual progress chart
  • Numerical scoring
  • Printable record of child's progress

  • Were there multiple difficulty levels?
  • Does it feature a test?
  • Any provision for special needs?

  • Objectives achieved in using this programme / Not achieved
  • Did information from the software package transfer well with classroom learning?
  • What aspects of the programme made it effective / not effective as a learning tool?
  • What elements did the children like / dislike?
  • What elements did the teacher like / dislike?

    Experiences of teaching using this Software
  • Describe some ways you used this software.
  • Any interesting points about its use.
  • What areas of the curriculum does it exactly match?
  • Do you need to modify your teaching in order to integrate this software with your work in the classroom?
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