Title Hyperstudio
Publisher Roger Wagner Inc.
Subject Area Content Free: Can be used in all subject areas
AGE RANGE Pentium 11
System Required
Experiences of Teacher using this Software Once the initial navigation of this software has been mastered, it is very user friendly. It poses little difficulty for students, aged 9+.
Because this software is content free, it can be used in a multitude of ways to support English, Gaeilge, History, Geography and Science.
At a more advanced level it allows students to produce their own animated graphics and sounds.
This is an excellent tool for project work. It helps students develop skills in researching, editing, selecting appropriate materials, designing and presenting their work.
See examples of our work .

PREREQUISIT SKILLS: Need basic training in using this software. It would also be appropriate to have to have considered issues which arise from a constructivist approach to learning and teaching.
Comes complete with a detailed manual; NCTE's Multimedia Authoring manual excellent as an introduction to Multimedia authoring using Hyperstudio
The CD of this software includes a collection of backgrounds, graphics (including gifs) and sound files.

Price PRICE: 120 per copy; later copies 35.(approx)
Holy Family Senior Sch.
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