Title Maths Workshop
Publisher Broderbund
Subject Area Maths skills like problem solving, basic operations, computation, fractions, pattern recognition, estimation, spatial thinking and logical reasoning are developed through games and activities
System Required 33MHz 3686DX or faster processer. 8MB RAM 8MB Hard disk (recommended with Windows 95) CD-ROM drive. Colour or grey scale monitor. Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 Compatible with most popular printers.
Experiences of Teacher using this Software 1) The User's Guide is clear and informative.
2) Not great for monitoring the student's progress.
3) Initial navigation confusing but once you get the hang of it, it's easy enough to move from activity to activity.
4) Each activity has a "Parents'Corner" which is informative and helpful for parents.
5) Maths Workshop is an appealing and useful piece of Software and children love it.
6) Some of the activities have Levels of Difficulty that cater for the student's level of ability.
7) Some of the Activities e.g. Bowling for Numbers provide incentives for the student to achieve, by awarding a Certificate of Achievement that can be printed out.

This piece of Software comes with a User's Guide as well as a Teachers Guide folder which includes:
a) A Curriculum Correlation Matrix
b) Collaborative Learning Strategies.
c) Activity Worksheets for the different subject areas.
This support information allows the teacher to see where the various activities integrate in the subject areas of the Curriculum. The Worksheets have cross curricular ideas which are helpful

Price Teachers Guide + 2 CD-ROMs 46.94 (sterling, this price includes VAT) Extra Discs 17.56 sterling
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