TITLE Mission Control
SUBJECT AREA Cross Curricular
PRICE 70 Single user
EXPERIENCES OF TEACHING USING THIS SOFTWARE 1. Sixth class became very involved and interested in trying to solve the mission. The children were very competitive with each other while also enjoying their efforts to progress through the levels.
2. The programme gives the children a good introduction to control technology where the children had to create and test controls in order to solve the many problems that exist.
3. The programme was easily introduced to the children as it explains each problem very clearly to the children on the screen.
COMMENTS The comprehensive teacher guide and user manual is very beneficial to the teacher when planning a lesson on this piece of software. There is great scope to link this programme with other areas in the curriculum e.g. problem solving in Maths (scale and symmetry) or language development (giving instructions)
Scoil Chriost Ri