TITLE Mighty Maths Carnival Countdown
SUBJECT AREA Mathematics
AGE RANGE 5-10yearsSenior Infants-Fourth Class

Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or later. Mac System 7.0.1 or higher

PRICE 19.99
EXPERIENCES OF TEACHING USING THIS SOFTWARE This title was evaluated with a group of First Class pupils and there were at least four levels that were compatible with the Irish Curriculum for First Class.
The teacher found the package useful to reinforce work carried out in class.
This title integrated well with a cross section of subjects. Carnival cars which deals with sets can be followed up in Art class with colouring integrated sets. In Geography sets of countries (maritime / coastal etc) can be explored. In English the introduction of the particular maths language can be given while in singing the Sesame Street Song "One of These Things" etc can be taught.
Classroom work is essential prior to the introduction of this software for effective learning to occur. Pre- work should be similar to that experienced on the computer.
Carnival Countdown is a maths software package based on a Carnival theme. There are five activities. Each activity has many levels. As a child succeeds at a level he automatically moves on to the next level, unless the teacher has disabled this option. The maths topics covered include :Sets, Computation, Geometry, <,>,=, Place Value,
Holy Family Junior School
SIP 058
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