TITLE a)The Irish Sign Language CD ROM ISL Dictionary
b)Sign Away
PUBLISHER MicrobooksSupplier: National Association for the Deaf (Ph: 01 8723800)
SUBJECT AREA Irish Sign Language
AGE RANGE 8 Years +
SYSTEM REQUIRED Windows 95 Windows NT
PRICE 20.00 each2 CDs for 35.00
EXPERIENCES OF TEACHING USING THIS SOFTWARE EffectivenessThese 2 CDs have filled a void for learners and teachers of Irish Sign Language. Signs are demonstrated in three dimensional animated video footage. This is essential as signing involves both visual display and movement in a three dimensional way. In our school the CDs are used by the teachers as a self teaching tool, by older students at school and at home (with the inclusion of family in the learning of sign language) and by younger children with the guidance of their teachers and parents.The Sign Away Phrasebook directly translates a signed phrase into English and also a literal translation of how the words are signed. This offers the teacher of the Deaf an insight into how sign language is structured.
COMMENTS These 2 CDs present an invaluable multimedia resource for students of Irish Sign Language and their teachers.The ISL Dictionary is a dictionary of 3,500 standardised and regional single word signs presented in video footage.Sign Away is a phrase book of over 1,300 most common ISL phrases also presented in video footage.
Holy Family Junior School
Hearing Impaired Unit
SIP 058
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