TITLE SpeechViewer 111
SUBJECT AREA Speech/Language - for use in modifying Speech Patterns
SYSTEM REQUIRED This software was supplied with a Laptop Computer. Its is used solely for specific Speech Training.
PRICE Extremely expensive!!!!!
EXPERIENCES OF TEACHING USING THIS SOFTWARE This software has been very useful for the teaching of Speech in the Unit for the Deaf. The children receive visual and auditory rewards for their efforts.The "games" are colourful, interesting, and modern. The children enjoy them. The SpeechViewer takes the drag out of speech sessions.The SpeechViewer also has a useful roster and notes facility, where children's work and progress can easily be recorded.
The SpeechViewer uses visual and auditory feedback to analyse and improve the speech skills of people who have speech, language, or hearing disorders.For further details please contact: Noreen O' Connell (Teacher of the Deaf)Holy Family Junior SchoolStation Rd.Ennis,Co. Claree-mail: room6@hfj.ennis.tinet.ie
Holy Family Junior School
Hearing Impaired Unit
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