TITLE Tizzy's Toybox
PUBLISHER Sherston Software
SUBJECT AREA English and Maths - cross curricular
AGE RANGE 4- - 6 years olds
SYSTEM REQUIRED PC: Windows 3.1 or higher, sound card and SVGA graphicsMac: Apple LC11 or higher, system 7.1, 2MB free memory
PRICE 67.00 - 1 copySignificant Reductions for multiple copies

  • At our school we use Tizzy's Toybox with Junior Infants during their first term at school.
  • It is very easy for children to use.
  • It is suitable for non-and beginner readers.
  • It introduces and develops basic language and Maths skills.
  • It helps to develop children's vocabulary.
  • There are three levels of difficulty.
    With the help of Tizzy, a magic clown that lives in the Toybox, children can choose from 10 fun games that help them grasp important early basic skills.
    These skills include: counting, more than, less than, jigsaws, colours, sequencing of a story, basic positional terms (under, over etc.), matching, terms of size (big, tall short etc.), rhyming, alphabet.
COMMENTS After completing their first year at school, most Junior Infants at our school reported that Tizzy's Toybox was their favourite piece of Software!!!!
Holy Family Junior School
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