TITLE Units of Sound
PUBLISHER The Dyslexia Institute Email: unithelp@dyslexia-inst.org.uk
SYSTEM REQUIRED Windows '95/'98/NT
PRICE 269 sterling
EXPERIENCES OF TEACHING USING THIS SOFTWARE Units of Sound is a multimedia literacy tool for reading and spelling. It was created especially for dyslexics (aged 9 - adult) but can be used for anyone who is struggling to read and spell. Students begin by doing a screening test (on the computer) in reading and spelling. This tells them where they should start in the programme. There are 3 stages in both reading and spelling. Stage 1 is aimed at students with a reading age of 6-8 years approx. Stage 2 is designed for those with an 8-10 year reading age. Stage 3 is for those at the 10+ reading age level. In the programme, students are taught how to read and spell using 'units of sound' beginning with single vowels, and moving on to blends and typical prefixes/suffixes e.g., 'tch', 'dis' or 'ight'.
AGE RANGE 9 years to adult
COMMENTS This programme has been very scientifically created and provides both a great initial introduction to, and a valuable reinforcement of, the concepts presented. Students seem to engage well with it.
Ennis National School