Title Spywatch www.bbc.co.uk/education/lookandread
Subject Area Language Development
Description Spywatch is a programme available from the BBC's Look and Read Site. Children follow a trail of clues to catch a spy. The programme comes in two parts. Spytrail allows children to practice specific text recognition skills. Spycatching encourages children to develop composition skills.
Specific Topic Word and Text Recognition
Age Range 7+
Expected Learning Outcomes Students will practise a variety of text recognition skills, including rhyming, alphabetical ordering, word similarities
Relevance to Curriculum Meaningful development of literacy skills.
Display The site is downloaded in full to the server. Children can access it via the network and pursue the Spytrail at their own level.
Pre-requisites Children need to understand the concepts of rhyme and alphabetical ordering.
Research The programme is self-contained with explanations of any unusual vocabulary. Children could research the historical context but it is not necessary in order to enjoy the programme.
Management The site needs to be downloaded to an individual pc or server and unzipped before use. Children then access the 'index' page to start.
Evaluation This programme has proved extremely popular with the children. It is an excellent way to practice some of the more mundane tasks associated with literacy development. Children can work independently and then share the teams' knowledge in order to catch the spy. Children who are experiencing a little difficulty at the more advanced tasks still have the opportunity to contribute their clues from the early levels. The extension tasks in the spycatching section have something for everyone.
St. Anne's School
SIP 058
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