• Title: Survive in Europe

    Subject Area: Geography, English, History, ICT, Art.

    Specific Topics:
    Developing knowledge of our own country and of the countries involved in the project.

  • to develop communications with the partner schools
  • to promote cultural links with these schools

    Curriculum Relevance:
    Meets the curriculum objectives in English and geography.

    Display: The project, to date, is displayed in a PowerPoint presentation. Booklets produced by the children on various aspects of Irish life are displayed in the entrance lobby of the school.

    Use of Technology:
  • children use e-mail to communicate with their pen-pals.
  • children use Word to produce booklets and fact-files.
  • use of the Internet to research information.
  • use of digital camera and scanner to incorporate images into booklets.

    Classroom Management:
    Work for the project is incorporated into every day schoolwork e.g. Geography, History, art, ICT, SPHE etc. When group work is involved, groups of mixed ability are formed.

  • the project is ongoing.
  • children are more aware of cultural similarities and differences.
  • children have become more aware of their own heritage.
  • curriculum objectives in English, Geography, ICT, History and Art were met.
Scoil Chríost Rí, Ennis.
SIP 058
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