Church of The Immaculate Conception, Currow.

The site for The New Church, Currow was donated by Mr. Richard Meredith, who deserves the appreciation of the parish for his generosity.
This is one of the most beautiful and best finished churches in the county.
It was built by Mr.John McSweeney, Building Contractor, Castleisland.
The church was blessed and dedicated by his Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Moynihan, Bishop of Kerry, on 2ndJune 1954.
There was a large crowd present at the Solemn High Mass, which was celebrated by Very Rev. Canon Myles McSweeney and the preacher was Rev. Fr. Matthew Keane, both were Currow men.

Old Killeentierna.

Killeentierna means the church of Tiernagh. It is so called because the church was built by Tiernagh, between six and seven hundred years ago. This man was said to be a saint, but a holy man named Most Rev.Cornelius Tighernach was Bishop of Ardfert in 1372 so the church was probably built by hiThis little church catered for the parishioners until the Earl of Desmond was murdered in 1583. The Earl used to attend Mass here on occasions while on the run and he also used to hide in an old fort close by.
After the Earl's death the Church was taken over by the Protestant Incumbent. It was destroyed during the Cromwellion Invasion. The ruins are to be seen.