Scoil Mhuire, Chillintiarna

Currow Church

Townlands of Killeentierna.

Map of Townlands


A Annagh: Watery place Ardcrone: Rosary heights

B Boherbee: The yellow road Beenateevane: The top of a sloping hill Balygree: A town in the east of Dysert Ballybeg: A small town Bawnaglanna: Head land near a glen Ballahantourigh: Assembly hill Blackbriar: Conspicuous and elevated place Barnfield: The field of the white marsh or hill Ballymacdonnel: A town in Killeentierna Ballindrohid: Townland at the bridge

C Clashganniv: Hollow of the sand Currow Ross: The little wood at the rounded hill Currow City: Clounclough: The meadow of the limestone Currans: Little hillocks Clash Gannue: The trench of sand Cragg: Stony field Clydane: Muddy flat shore Caolnacalee: Hag's nook Clouncurrig: Pasture land, between two woods Cloonacrrrig: The marshy place Corraknockaun: Generally a marsh

D Dysert: A desert or hermitage Dicksgrove: Dick Meredith's grove Docane: Tír na gCuas : Country of the caves Dromulton: The ridge of the wethers Droumrue: Red ridge

F Farran: Land, field, territory country Farrandoctor: A dear profitless spot of land Áitin daor docht Farranmanach:The strangers plot Farrankeal: A narrow stream

G Glounlea: The grey glen Gortalea: The field at the side of the hill Glounbawn: The white glen Gortacnach: The field of the hill Garraundarragh: The grove of the oak trees Gloundaeigh: Ravens glen The glen of the two ravens Gortshanafa: The field of the old hut

I Inchabee: Yellow inch Inchincummer: Ravine valley The inch at the valley

K Kilcow: Cuckoo wood Killeentierna: The church of Tighernagh Kilfeilim: The church of Feidhlim Kilfalney: The church of the robe Knockacorrin: The heap of the stones Kilsarcon: The church of Arcain Kileen: The little church

L Laharn: Half land Townland near Farran Lisheenbawn: Little white lios or fort Lissataggle: The fort of the rye Loughnagore: Loch na gCór ; Loch : A Lake Corr: Bird of the crane or heron kind Lyre: Harp

M Meanus: Mine

P Parknamulloge:The field of the skulls, lumpy Place, small height Powell's Road: Parknasmuttane:The field of the block or scraps of wood Parkmore: The big field

R Rossanean: The home by the birds Riverville: The house by the river Ranaleen: Fort by the pool, pond or lake Ranalough: The fort of the lake

S Sandville: Shanavullen: The old mill Slieveenagh: Springmount: Cnocearagh

T Threegeeves: The amount of land a man could plough in a day The Village:

U Urroghal: Cockle weed land

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