Flora & Fauna

Badgers are good diggers. They live in homes called sets. They eat earthworms, mice, voles, frogs, snails and wasps to fruit and grass. They are very clean animals. Badgers live in one or two families which can be up to 15 badgers. Badgers have very sharp claws because they sharpen their claws on trees near their sets.


Most rabbits live in a shallow hole called a form. Shrubs, weeds, grasses, or leaves hide the bowl-shaped form from sight. Some rabbits live in a form throughout the year. The winter den may be in a burrow, or under a pile of brush, rocks or wood. Most rabbits do not dig their own burrows. They move into ones abandoned by such animals as badgers or skunks. Most rabbits live alone. Most rabbits eat and play from dusk to dawn, and spend the day resting and sleeping. A rabbit eats many kinds of plants. In spring and summer, its foods are green leafy plants, including clover, grass, and weeds. In winter, the animal eats the twigs, bark, and fruit of bushes and trees. The mother rabbit has babies called kits or kittens. The kits cannot see or hear, and they have no fur.