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Place names

Kilsarcon - Cill Árcoin - The Church of Árcon

Ranaleen - Ráth na Lín - The Fort of the Flax.
Circa 1635 a man by the name of Thomas Wentworth wished to make Ireland more prosperous so that he could provide more money for Charles 1 of England. One of the things he did was bring in French and Flemish weavers to instruct the Irish on the growing of Flax and weaving it into linen. Flax is a small plant with a lovely blue flower. Perhaps the people of Ráth na lín grew flax and Flemish people may have come to Ranaleen. The name Fleming is still in the area

Bawnaglanna -Bán an Ghleanna -Dry pasture land of the glen.

Gloundaeigh - Gleann dá Fhiach -The glen of the two ravens.

Inchincummer - Inis an Chumair - The water Meadow of the ravine.

Glounlea - An Gleann Liath - The grey glen.

Ballahantourigh - Béal Átha na Teamhrach - The Ford mouth of Tara. For many years the Kings of Munster lived at Teamhair Luachra on the eastern slope of Sliabh Luachra, but later when they became more powerful, they occupied Cashel. There is a narrow road in Ballahantourigh which is known as the High Road to Tara.

Knockbue - An Cnoc Buí - The Yellow Hill.

Dromulton - Drom Ulton - Ultan's Ridge In olden days St. Ultan's pattern day was held every year.

Shanavullin - Seana Mhuileann - The old mill.

Counguilla - Ceann Coille - The top of the wood.

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