Educating Multiple Intelligences through Technology

St. Brigid's Secondary School, Killarney, Co. Kerry

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Art and Mathematics with Computers in 1st Year

Powerpoint Golden Mean Barchart Diary of Classes

Criteria for Class

The main aim of this part of the project was to enable First Year students to become aware of the associations between Art and Mathematics, while also familiarising them with the Windows environment and some Computer packages.

The following Software was available for students

  • Paint,
  • Powerpoint,
  • Word
  • Publisher,
  • Internet Explorer 5 and
  • Outlook Express.

In the course of using Paint, students become familiar with the concepts of Files and Folders and get to understand how to use the Computer Local Area Network and Printer.

A collaborative learning environment needed to be created, where students would feel free to interact with and help each other.

Rigid content would never be required from students.

Lesson Contents

Sept 24

The aim here was to show that pleasant drawings could be made from basic Mathematical shapes. Students used Paint to draw a Picture, using the basic Mathematical shapes, a square, a circle, a triange, a rectangle. Students were asked to make a non representational picture using only the primary colours and to fill the page with their picture.

A Folder, called 1 Blue 2001 (the class name )was created on each machine.
All student's images were saved to this folder.

Took a picture of the class with their pictures

October 2

I demonstrated to students how to install Paintshop Pro on a computer with a view to using the more advanced features of this package for the Art work.

October 9

Used the Internet to build a search "learn to draw". Students were allowed to choose one of the sites to explore. They were asked to find a picture that appealed to them and try to draw it in Paint.
Then students saved a picture from the Internet into their own Folders.

October 16

Students at this stage had compiled at least three pictures. To introduce students to Powerpoint, a decision was made to compile all their images into a Powerpoint presentation. In the course of this exercise, students were introduced to the use of the network.

October 23

An introduction to Tesselations. I demonstrated a rectangle, with a portion cut out of it, which was then tessellated. In their own practice, most students used the tessellation, which was demonstrated to them and coloured it in their desired colours. The intention was to prepare students for an understanding of some topics, they will later study in Geometry. Though the words Symmetry, Translations and Rotations were not used at this stage, students began to grasp the concepts.

November 6

Students were shown how to draw an equilateral triangle. They then used Copy and Paste to form the tessellation.

Showed them the tessellation with the hexagon and the little square

November 20

Further work with Folders was needed as some students had not been properly saving their files into the 1 Blue Folder. Demonstrated the Vase and the Face drawing in black and white from Betty Edwards book. This exercise would provide a foundation for future understanding of Axial Symmetry. Amanda D produced an excellent example of her own.

Looked at the site

Askes students to start a journal in Word, describing what they had studied, learned and enjoyed or not.

Nov 27

Set up e-mails for the class. Sent e-mails. Gave them my school e-mail and asked them to e-mail me. Set up address books with each e-mail address.

Dec 4

Used Publisher to create Christmas cards. Used the wizard. One card used preset clipart. The second card used their own previously created images. Allowed them to print out and keep their cards.

Asked each student informally to talk to me about her picture, which I had on the overhead screen. Asked them to say what they had learned

Took a picture of the class with their cards.

Dec 11

Students made a Video of their class and interviewed each other about their drawings and the Software packages, which they had used.


This class returned to Computers again after Easter.

May 7

Students measured each other's forearms and hands. They used Microsoft Excel to divide the length of the forearm by the length of the hand. They illustrated the results on a Barchart. This exercise would be useful for future work in Art and illustrated the concept of the Golden Mean.

Also during this exercise, the Bodily/Kinesthetic, the Interpersonal, the Logical/Mathematical and Visual/Spatial intelligences were activated.

Further details of the Golden Mean can be viewed at