Educating Multiple Intelligences through Technology

St. Brigid's Secondary School, Killarney, Co. Kerry

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Emitt Project

This project examine ways of increasing usage of ICT to enhance more varied approaches to teaching and learning. E-mitt will evaluate the extent to which the blend of Multiple Intelligences and ICT will ensure the development of a wider range of "intelligences" in students and how it will increase student motivation, learning and interest.


Project Objectives

To blend a Multiple Intelligences approach to teaching and learning with Information and Communications Technology.

To improve the lot of the "system disadvantaged", by teaching to their strengths, thus tackling the issue of early school leaving in a new way

To develop a phased programme

To broaden pedagogical skills

To explore alternative ways of assessment.

Indicative Outcomes of Project

Students will be enabled to appreciate their predominant intelligences. This self-knowledge will maximise their self-confidence, happiness and effectiveness and will make career choices easier and increase entrepreneurial skills

More energised learning will take place

Students' education will be broadened and enhanced

On-going links between primary and secondary sectors will be encouraged.



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