Educating Multiple Intelligences through Technology

St. Brigid's Secondary School, Killarney, Co. Kerry

MI Theory






1st Year German with Computers




German 1White/Computers/Multiple Intelligences

Criteria for 1st Year German class

The German teacher and the Computer teacher of the class collaborated in the preparation of these classes.

In the Computer class we wished to enable students to become familiar with Basic computer packages and the Windows environment.

We wanted to incorporate Multiple Intelligences strategies into the teaching and learning, occurring in the Computer class, while engaging with some topics on the 1st Year German curriculum.

Content of Classes

  1. The students used Microsoft Publlisher to create Posters depicting the Seasons of the Year in German. The small class size of ten students facilitated interaction and interpersonal communication between students in planning which students would take which seasons etc. The Posters were displayed in their classroom and provided Visual material for aiding the recall of the German words.
  2. The students had created a German rap, to enable them to learn and memorise the German alphabet. We used a microphone attached to the Computer to record the class singing this rap. However, the quality of the Media player was quite poor and the students were disappointed with the outcome.
  3. When teaching German adjectives, the German teacher included the words for each of the Multiple intelligences, as defined by Howard Gardner (Frames of Mind 1983). Once more the students made posters to match these words. They were very specific about what graphics would suit and searched the Internet to find suitable material for their Posters.
  4. While learning names of the days and months of the Year, students were delighted to find that Publisher '97 gave them an option of creating calendars in German. Each student opted to make a one month page of their year and date of Birth, (click here for Sample). Then a group of students compiled a 2003 calendar in German. All pages were bound to make a German calendar. Click for a HTML monthly calendar in German, starting with Mai 2002, and ending in Mai 2003, but omitting the summer monthals when the students will not be at school
  5. To further incorporate the Seasons and Months, I compiled a Quiz in Excel, which checked their knowledge of the Months and Seasons in German. The students liked getting their personal scores at the end of this Quiz. (Initially, there was some confusion as I had entered February, March and April as the months of Spring - apparently this does not coincide with the seasons of Sping in German)
  6. For a few classes, we had access to the new Computer Room. Here the students set up personal e-mail addresses in Hotmail. They sent e-mails in German to each other and sent a copy of the e-mail to the Teacher's e-mail address. Printouts of these were given to the German teacher for correction.
  7. The students learned how to create New Folders and did some File Management. They copied all their work from the My Documents folder to their own new folder.
  8. They copied and pasted the details from the Publisher folders and used these to create a Powerpoint Presentation to demonstrate their term's work. Students were allowed to have a printout of the handouts of their final Powerpoint Presentation.
  9. During the last two classes before Christmas, students created Christmas cards in German. Also one student volunteered to interview all the other to find their opinions on the Computer class.
  10. Later, we videod the class talking a little German, talking about their Computer class and singing their rap on German alphabet
  11. After Christmas, the students in the class made a GrammarBoard , to facilitate teaching the German for the word "the". They printed the words in Publisher, paying attention to the colour coding, whereby red was for Feminine, blue for Masculine and green for Neuter. They got the words laminated and consulted with the Woodwork teacher and his 5th Year students, who actually made the Board and Perspex slots for the Game (Picture of Grammar Board )
  12. They repeated the same technique to produce a Board Game, based on one of the pages of their book. This game teaches the vocabulary for Household items. It is played in much the same way as Snakes and Ladders.
  13. The students enjoyed working in groups. They liked producing items. Each of the students said that the classes were "fun and enjoyable" and they enjoyed helping each other.




For a PC use the following keys. Make sure that you use the Numeric Keypad on your Computer. The Number Lock must be on. While holding down the Alt key, type the requied combinations.


Alt 129 then release and you get ü

Alt 132 then release and you get ä

Alt 142 then release and you get Ä

Alt 148 then release and you get ö

Alt 153 then release and you get Ö

Alt 225 then release and you get ß

Alt 154 then release and you get Ü