Educating Multiple Intelligences Through Technology

St. Brigid's Secondary School, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Emitt Rationale


One First Year Class worked with a Maths and Art theme on Computers. Diary of Classes Examples of Work  (Powerpoint )

Learning German was the theme for two First Years' Computer Classes. Details

Multiple Intelligences Theory

Combining some elements of their Music class with Computers provided the inspiration for the work of a third First Year class Details and Songbook

Multiple Intelligences Quiz

Maths Powerpoints

Addition and Subtraction Add Fractions Sum of 3 Angles in a Triangle Difference of 2 Squares Alternate Angles in a Parallelogram First Principles Limits of Trig Functions


Sponsors of

EMITT Project


The SIP team at St. Brigid's were privileged to have the personal guidance of Jean McNiff, who gently encouraged us through all the steps of our Action Research project. Without her encouragement, we would not have perserved. We are very grateful to her.

Jean McNiff

Advisor to

EMITT Project