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This Subject Resource Website is provided, as is, by the members of Sip Project 069. Substantial time and effort has been expended to ensure the suitability of the links provided for the various subjects catered for. Ultimately, however, it is the duty and responsibility of individual users of the Internet and, in the case of children, their parents,guardians and teachers to ensure the suitability and accuracy of all and any content, provided by website owners and, used by them.

The teachers responsible for creating this online resource, for Irish students, believe that the information contained in this web site was correct at the time it was last modified.


  • Neither the teachers involved nor the National Council for Technology in Education (NCTE), their sponsors, give any undertaking or warranty as to the accuracy of the content and accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy in the information provided on the various educational sites listed.

  • Any user of the information should not, exclusively, rely upon it. The user should seek confirmation, as to the accuracy of the content, from their parents, guardians, teachers or other subject experts.

  • The Webmaster/ NCTE reserves the right to remove or make such changes to this website, as he/it deems necessary, without notification.

  • The NCTE is hosting this website under the aegis of its Schools Integration Project (SIP) launched in 1998. SIP project 069 was sanctioned to provide a directory of, online, subject resource materials for students and teachers who wish to integrate technology into the delivery of the curriculum. Of necessity this requires the provision of URLS (addresses)/Links to external web sites as a service to users of this website. By providing these external links neither the teachers involved nor the NCTE accept any responsibility whatsoever for or endorse the content of any linked site. Neither do they guarantee that the providers of the content are experts in their field or that they will continue to provide this content in the future.