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Electronics Notes and support from this fledgling, Irish, educational, site are specifically designed for the needs of the Irish syllabus at both Leaving and Junior Certificate level. Teachers and Students are further advised that there are resources on all subjects available at Leaving and at ScoilNet. These are terrific and totally free sites.

  1. Consumer Electronics. See how modern electronic appliences work

  2. Electronics from How Stuff works

  3. Energy and Electrical Power! from How Stuff Works

  4. How Stuff Works. An absolute mine of information for students. Links 1 to 3 are just examples of what you can get at this great site

  5. Design & Technology / Energy This site from Study Links allows you to have 14 days free membership so that you can discover just how good their resources are

  6. D&T Electronics Information

  7. D&T Electronics Designer

  8. Drilling

  9. Electronics from the BBC Bitesize revision series. Online assessment with instant feedback.

  10. Information on Safety Hazards in the OSH Answers site will apply mostly to the physical conditions of the workplace or the way equipment and machinery are used.

  11. Simple Guide to Safety in the Workshop

  12. Systems and Control. From the BBC Bitesize revision series. Online assessment with instant feedback.

  13. Technology Links from Limerick University

  14. Things that don't work the way you expect

  15. Welding For all your welding, NDT and metallurgical needs